Saturday, August 27, 2011

Que Reste-t-il De Nos Amours (I Wish You Love)

Click here for the French lyrics and English translation. Enjoy!

Chega de Saudade (No More Blues)

Go on, my sadness, and tell her
That without her it cannot be
Tell her, in a prayer, to come back to me
Because I cannot suffer anymore.

Enough longing.
The reality is that without her there's no peace
There's no beauty, there's only sadness
And the melancholy that won't leave me,
Won't leave me, won't leave.
But if she comes back, if she comes back...
What a beautiful thing, what a crazy thing.
Cause there are fewer fish swimming in the sea
Than the little kisses I shall give her on her mouth.

Inside my arms, the hugs, there will be a million hugs.
So tight like this, together like this, silent like this.
Hugs and little kisses, and endless caresses.
It's for you to stop this thing of living away from me.
I don't want this thing anymore of you living without me.
Let's stop this thing of you living without me.

Vai minha tristeza, e diz a ela
Que sem ela não pode ser
Diz-lhe numa prece
Que ela regresse
Porque eu não posso mais sofrer
Chega de saudade
A realidade
É que sem ela não há paz
Não há beleza
É só tristeza
E a melancolia
Que não sai de mim
Não sai de mim, não sai.
Mas se ela voltar,
se ela voltar
Que coisa linda,
Que coisa louca
Pois há menos peixinhos
a nadar no mar
Do que os beijinhos
Que eu darei na sua boca.

Dentro dos meus braços,
Os abraços
Hão de ser milhões de abraços
Apertado assim,
Colado assim,
Calado assim
Abraços e beijinhos
E carinhos sem ter fim
Que é pra acabar com esse negócio
De viver longe de mim
Não quero mais esse negócio
De você viver sem mim
Vamos deixar desse negócio
De você viver sem mim.

Vinicius de Moraes

El Día Que Me Quieras (The Day You Want Me)

Caresses my dream, the soft murmur of your sighs.
As if life were laughing, if your black eyes want to watch me.
And if I have the comfort of your little smile,which is like a song,
It calms my wound, everything is forgotten, everything! 

The day you want me the rose that entwines dresses up fiesta style with its best color.
And the wind chimes say that you are mine,
and the crazy fountain sings of your love.

The night you want me, from the blue sky, the jealous stars will watch us pass by.
And a mysterious ray will nestle in your hair, a curious firefly that sees you're my consolation.

Acaricia mi ensueño, el suave murmullo de tu suspirar.
Como ríe la vida, si tus ojos negros me quieren mirar.
Y si es mío el amparo de tu risa leve que es como un cantar,
ella quieta mi herida, todo todo se olvida!

El día que me quieras la rosa que engalana se vestirá de fiesta con su mejor color.
Y al viento las campanas dirán que ya eres mía, y locas las fontanas se cantarán tu amor.

La noche que me quieras desde el azul del cielo, las estrellas celosas nos mirarán pasar.
Y un rayo misterioso hara nido en tu pelo, luciernaga curiosa que verá que eres mi consuelo!

Estate (Summer)

Sei calda come i baci che ho perduto
Sei piena di un amore che è passato
Che il cuore mio vorrebbe cancellare

Il sole che ogni giorno ci scaldava
Che splendidi tramonti dipingeva
Adesso brucia solo con furore

Tornerà un altro inverno
Cadranno mille pètali di rose
La neve coprirà tutte le cose
E forse un po' di pace tornerà

Che ha dato il suo profumo ad ogni fiore
L' estate che ha creato il nostro amore
Per farmi poi morire di dolore

English tranlsation:

You are as hot as the kisses, that I have lost
You are filled with a love, that is over
That my heart would like to erase

The sun, that warmed us every day
That painted beautiful sunsets
Now only burns with fury

There will come another winter
Thousands of rose petals will fall
The snow will cover all
And perhaps a little peace will return

It gave its perfume to every flower
The summer, that created our love
To let me now die of pain

Triste (Sad)


So sad to live in so-li-tude,
Your lovely passion’s bitter fruit.
So sad to know that no-one e-ver can live on a dream
That ne-ver can be, will ne-ver be.
Drea-mer a-wake, wake up and see…

Your beau-ty is an ae-ro-plane,
So high my heart can’t stand the strain.
A heart that stops when you walk by, on-ly to cause me pain.
So sad to live in so-li-tude.


Triste é viver na solidao,
Na dor cruel de uma paixao
Triste é saber que ninguém pode viver de ilusao
Que nunca vai ser, nunca vai dar,
O sonhador, tem que acordar.

Tua beleza é um aviao,
Demais prum pobre coraçao
Que pára pra te ver passar, Só pra me maltratar
Triste é viver na solidao

Ikh Hob Dikh Tsufil Lib (I Love You Too Much)


Now I am left alone
with my longings, with my pain.
I have picked the cards,
and I seek my good fortune in them.

He has replaced me with another.
He can’t understand my great love.
He’s going off to marry the other,
while I remain forlorn and alone.

So who needs these cards?
For naught have I waited, yearned.
My youth is already buried.
Fortune has made a fool of me.

I love you too much.
I don’t bear any hatred for you.
I love you too much
To be angry at you.

I love you too much
To be at all angry with you.
They say I’m a fool,
I know. I love you.

I gave my life away to you,
My heart and my soul.
I am sick, but my thoughts
Turn not to revenge.

I love you too much
To be at all angry with you.
They say I’m a fool,
I know. I love you.

Kh’bin atzind aleyn geblibn
mit mayn benkshaft, mit mayn vey.
Kh’hob di kortn opgeklibn
un ikh zukh mayn glik in zey.

Er hot mikh farbitn oyf a tsveyter,
mayn groyse libe ken er nit farshteyn.
Mit yener tsu der khupe geyt er,
un ikh blayb elnd un aleyn.

Nu ver zshey darf di kortn hobn,
umzist hob ikh gevart, gegart,
Mayn yugnt iz dokh shoyn bagrobn,
mayn mazl hot mikh opgenart.

Ikh hob dikh tsufil lib.
ikh trog oyf dir kayn has.

Ikh hob dikh tsufil lib

tsu zayn oyf dir in kaas.

Ikh hob dikh tsufil lib
tsu zayn oyf dir gor beyz,
A nar ikh heys,
ikh veys. ikh hob dikh lib.

Kh’hob dir mayn lebn avekgegebn,
mayn harts un mayn neshome,
ikh bin krank, nor mayn gedank
trakht nit fun nekome.

Ikh hob dikh tsufil lib

tsu zayn oyf dir gor beyz,
A nar ikh heys,
ikh veys. ikh hob dikh lib.

Sous le Ciel de Paris (Under Paris Skies)

Click here for lyrics in French with a very good translation in English. Enjoy!

Alta Va La Luna (High Goes the Moon)

Ladino (Judeo-Spanish):
Alta, alta va la luna,
La hora de amanicer,
Hija hermoza sin ventura,
Nunca llegue a nacer.

Yo era de quince años,
Empecía  hazer l'amor,
Con un mancevo berbante,
Que a la fin el me dexó.

Yo era de vanda alta,
No savía de servir,
Por caye con ti, berbante,
Vene agora a sofrir.

Del amor yo non savía,
Tu mi embizatis a mi,
De el dió lo topes mancevo,
Por lo que hizitis con mi.

English translation:
High, high goes the moon
When the day dawns
A pretty girl without luck
She’d better not be born.

I was 15 years old
When I began to know love,
With a scoundrel of a man,
Who in the end deserted me.

I was from a high-born family
I didn’t know how to serve
Because I fell in love with you, scoundrel, I suffer now.

I didn’t know about love
You taught me about it
May god punish you
For what you did to me.