Saturday, November 15, 2014

La Mer (The Sea)

English translation of original French:

The Sea
That one sees dancing along the clear gulfs
Has silver reflections
The Sea, changing reflections
Under the rain

The Sea
In the summer sky merges its white sheep
With such pure angels
The sea, shepherdess of azure

Close to the ponds
These large wet reeds
These white birds
And these rusted houses

The Sea
Has rocked them along the clear gulfs
And with a song of love
The Sea has soothed my heart for life

Music and lyric by Charles Trenet

Saturday, November 8, 2014

A Felicidade (Happiness)

Lyrical translation of original Portuguese lyric (partial):

Our sorrow never dies
Our joy, so soon it flies.
Don’t you know that happiness is just a dewdrop on the petal of a rose?
Brilliant and tranquil, it shimmers and it sways
Before it falls just like a tear of love

Yes, I know the joy of the poor girl resembles
The grand illusion of carnival.
All year she keeps working from Sunday to Sunday
For just one moment of dreaming
Just to make a fantasy
A pirate or a king or flower maiden
But all the magic tumbles down on Wednesday.

Jobim / de Morães (trans, Cartwright)

Chega de Saudade (No More Blues)

English translation of original Portuguese:

Go on, my sadness, and tell her
That without her it cannot be
Tell her in a prayer
To come back to me
Because I cannot suffer anymore

Enough longing
The reality
Is that without her there's no peace
There's no beauty
There's only sadness
And the melancholy
That won't leave me
Won't leave me, won't leave.

But if she comes back,
if she comes back
What a beautiful thing
What a crazy thing
Cause there are fewer fish
swimming in the sea
Than the little kisses
I shall give her on her mouth.

Inside my arms,
The hugs,
They will be a million hugs
So tight like this,
Together like this,
Silent like this
Hugs and little kisses
And endless caresses
That is for you to stop this thing
Of living away from me
I don't want this thing anymore
Of you living without me
Let's stop this thing
Of you living without me
Music by Antonio Carlos Jobim, lyric by Vinicius de Morães

Agua de Beber (Water to Drink)

Original Portuguese lyric with edited English lyrics interpolated:

Eu quis a-mar mais ti-ve me-do
Eu quis sal-var meu co-ra-cão
Mas o a-mor sa-be um se-gre-do
O me-do po-de ma-tar o seu co-ra-ção.

A-gua de be-ber a-gua de be-ber ca-ma-rá… (2x)

I wan-ted love, but I was fear-ful
I tried to guard my wor-ried heart.
But then old love gave me an ear-ful
He laughed and told me, “it’s fear that'll kill your heart”

Agua de beber, give the flower water to drink… (2x)

Eu nun-ca fiz coi-sa tão cer- ta
En-trei pra es-co-la-do per-dão
A min-ha ca-sa vive a-ber-ta
Ab-ri to-das as por-tas do co-ra-çao.
A-gua de be-ber a-gua de be-ber ca-ma-rá…

Well, I have never felt so certain
And, yes, forgiveness I've been taught
So now I've pulled back all the curtains
Opened all of the doors that lead to my heart

Agua de beber, give the flower water to drink… (2x)

Oh love is rain, the heart, the flower
The heart needs love to stay alive
A fearful heart will lose its power
A heart that’s open to love surely will revive

A-gua de be-ber give the flower water to drink…(2x)

Music by Antonio Carlos Jobim, lyric by Vinicius de Morães. English lyric by Norman Gimbel, edited (with additional verses) by Cartwright.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Desafinado (Slightly Out of Tune)

DESAFINADO (English lyric)
If you say my sing-ing is off key, my love,
you will hurt my fee-lings, don’t you see, my love?
I wish I had an ear like yours, a voice that would be-have,
but all I have is fee-ling, and the voice god gave.

You say I'm not jazz and I'm not clas-si-cal,
and that my com-port-ment’s an-ti-mu-si-cal.
I sing this lit-tle song for you, but you don’t care.

The thing that you would see,
if you would play your part,
is e-ven though I’m out of mode,
I have a gen-tle heart.
I took your pic-ture with my trus-ty ro-lo-flex,
What developed was your vast ingratitude.

You have got no right to speak like that of all my love,
Don't forget my passion's bigger than you'll ever dream of.
You and all your music, but you still don't understand
Inside of those who may be out of step
a heart beats inside them, a heart beats in silence;
que no peito dos desafinados também bate um coração. 

Antonio Carlos Jobim
Portuguese lyr. Newton Mendonça
English lyr. Gene Lees, ed. Cartwright